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Pipeline to Leadership Opportunities

People are our most important asset. We believe that by investing
in our workforce, we benefit our employees, our customers and the overall industry.

We don’t want this to be just a job – we want to invest in you and your career for years to come.
At Mears, we invest in our people by providing paid training programs that teach new skills and provide pathways for career advancement.

Foreman Program

Our foreman program prepares our high performers for the next level in their career. It utilizes classroom instruction and hands-on activities to promote learning and implementation of the skills being taught.

The program covers:

  • Understanding the role of a foreman
  • Developing leadership skills
  • Planning and time management
  • Improving communication

Stepping Up to Supervision

Development of our future leaders is the key to continued success. The Stepping Up to Supervision program to helps you become a more effective leader by developing new skills such as:

  • Engaging your team
  • Resolving challenges
  • Making sound decisions

We provide the training along with an action plan to put these strategies to work in your daily life.

CAT Leadership

Learning to influence attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that drive our safety culture is one part of our CAT Leadership program. It also provides the opportunity to increase communication and people skills. Participants experience real-life scenarios through engaging videos, role-playing exercises, interactive activities, and facilitated discussion to expand their knowledge of safety performance.

Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy, our industry-leading training program, helps employees acquire new skills in strategic areas and work to develop existing skills. Through this program our employees are strategically placed in a position for success, allowing them to take on senior and executive level roles within Mears Group.

Key focus areas for training include:

  • Business fundementals
  • Financial acumen
  • Customer focus
  • Communication
  • Management skills

The Quanta Advanced
Training Center at Lazy Q

As part of the Quanta family of companies, Mears has access to the Quanta Advanced Training Center at the Lazy Q Ranch in La Grange, Texas. This 2,300 acre converted ranch provides hands-on instruction from master trainers in a controlled environment, where the focus is on safety and skill development.

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