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A Mears Group Intern will gain hands-on experience and learning opportunities to help enhance your skills, challenge your strengths and reach your fullest potential.

A successful internship could be the launchpad for your career!

Looking to the future is an increasingly important priority for many companies, including Mears. Internships are a great experience for pre-career professionals but can also be an intimidating experience. We understand that interns are an investment in the future of the energy infrastructure industry, and Mears is proud to provide a friendly and inclusive environment that focuses on training and hands-on experience.

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Technical College Internships

With a technical college education, you are a perfect fit for our industry! We’re actively looking for crew members that have a passion for building our future infrastructure and making a difference in the communities they live and work.

University Internships

We recognize that internships are more than a line item on a resume – it’s an opportunity to gain real life, hands-on experience in the workplace. Our internships allow college or graduate-level students to hold a temporary position within the organization across multiple disciplines where you’ll learn from industry veterans and strengthen your skills.

High School SkillsUSA

We’re proud to support SkillsUSA and their efforts to bring education and visibility to the skilled trades. We strive to develop partnerships with organizations to build and create a pipeline for our future workforce. Partnering with high schools and other industry organizations provides us opportunity to participate in Skills Challenges, mentor and provide employment opportunities to these outstanding students.
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